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Selection Process
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Application Process

Applications can be downloaded at

For more information, contact your local UC site MSAP coordinator. Local site contact information is available at

A selection committee at your UC site reviews applications and selects assessees, assessors and alternates for the program.

Program Cost

The cost of the program is shared between the UC Office of the President and the assessee’s department. The cost to each assessee’s department is an $900 registration fee, plus transportation. There is no registration fee for assessors.

Selection Criteria


The program is best suited for high-potential individuals who learn through a variety of experiences, including case studies, discussion and reflection, small group activities and extensive feedback. Applicants must have one or more years of service at UC (past probation, career status) as of application deadline. Supervisor support is essential to the success of MSAP. Highest priority will be given to individuals with:

  • One to five years of experience supervising or managing people or projects
  • One to five years in current job

Assessors have found the MSAP experience to be valuable, personally and professionally, in addition to providing support to junior managers. Modeling objective behavioral feedback is an important part of this experience. Assessors are expected to be senior managers who meet most of the following criteria:

  • Coaching experience
  • Employee development experience
  • Experience leading or working with groups
MSAP -- An Investment in Management Talent