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Program Benefits

Benefits to Assessees
  • Enhance awareness of management competencies and skills
  • Participate in an experiential UC program
  • Practice giving and receiving objective behavioral feedback
  • Collaborate with systemwide colleagues
  • Participate in pre- and post-program sessions
  • Work on an individual plan for career development
Benefits to Assessors
  • Enhance performance management coaching skills
  • Use a newly-revised objective behavioral feedback model
  • Work with high-potential employees who are eager for feedback
  • Network with a community of UC systemwide managers
Benefits to Sponsoring Supervisors
  • Retain and motivate highly talented staff
  • Strengthen management competencies and skills of staff
  • Explore the MSAP objective behavioral feedback model, an essential tool for performance management
  • Demonstrate that career development is “the right thing to do”
Benefits to Your Organization
  • Develop a pool of staff with strong potential for management
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Develop UC managers of the future
  • Increase sense of belonging and commitment to UC

“Today I supervise ten professional staff and six undergraduates. I can confidently say that without MSAP I would not be in this position.”

MSAP -- An Investment in Management Talent